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Jayne Castle Books 2017 Checklist: Reading Order of Ghost Hunters Series, Guinevere Jones Series, Rainshadow Series, St. Helens Series and List of All Jayne Castle Books

by Golden Series on 2017-11-16

Reading order of:

  • Ghost Hunters Series
  • Guinevere Jones Series
  • Rainshadow Series
  • St. Helens Series

by Jayne Castle and an exhaustive list of all her books (over 30!)

A complete list of every Jayne Castle book published, to read and keep an easy track of, with links to the books on Amazon!

Jayne Castle has authored some amazing books like the Ghost Hunters series. As a fan, all of us want to know her complete treasure of books she has authored, so we can continue to enjoy her writing.

Jayne Castle has penned lot of books (over 30!) and our endeavor is to provide you with a comprehensive list of every Jayne Castle title published. With this list, it is very easy to keep track of what you have already read and what you are yet to read.

How this book is useful:

  • You can use this as a checklist to track which Jayne Castle books you have already read
  • You will be able to go through the complete list of books by Jayne Castle as well as the reading order of all the series she has written
  • Links to Jayne Castle‚Äôs books on Amazon is included to facilitate buying her books that you have not yet read
  • You get to read the synopsis and reviews of her books on Amazon once you follow the links to her books

Get your copy now and be updated on Jayne Castle books!

PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A TITLE LIST ONLY, compiled for reference purposes to assist readers. No copyrighted material from the titles listed is included. This list is compliant with United States Copyright Office circular 34.