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Sophia's Connection (A Twin Flame Novel Book 2)

by Gracen Miller on 2019-05-23

Scandalous plot? Random coincidence? Or destiny’s design?

Born to the camp whore, Sinner Prometheus grew up hard. Trench was sold into slavery by his mother for the price of a meal. Their tragedies united them, and they fought for their freedom. One act of piracy united them with Leopold, the son of an intergalactic senator. United by a destiny few understand, their dynamic family thrives on love, power, and trust. They’ve built an empire that caters to the sins of others where they rule with an iron fist. They’re feared and respected, rarely defied, and living the dream.

In polite society, Sophia Thornrose is whispered about among her peers, but never publicly ridiculed because of her aristocratic family. She’s a freak who sees the dead and has a spirit sidekick that never shuts up. Despite her scandalous peculiarity, she’s sought by eligible bachelors, but she craves more from life than a mundane marriage and children. She wants adventure and equality, to be loved for her oddity.

When Sinner takes a gig to assassinate Sophia, Trench and Leopold go along for the ride. None of them knew their life missed a key component until Sinner kidnaps Sophia.

A chance moment, a destiny they can’t see coming, it’ll be the ride of their lives.