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Arriving Soon


Out of the Stars (Into the Stars Book 2)

by Gwendolyn Field on 2018-08-28

Companion novella for INTO THE STARS! (It's recommended to read INTO THE STARS first.)

Of all the Hornets, the galaxy's elite fighters, Hans Rawko was always the one smiling and troublemaking. But after his last mission when he loses his best friend in combat, he's a changed man. Rawk is in a dark place and the last thing he wants is the little sister of his hardass boss trying to get in his head.

Lanna Lexon's had a crush on Hans since she first laid eyes on the soldier at sixteen. She knows her brother would never allow one of his men to date her, but when she hears about Rawk's PTSD she can't pass up an opportunity to travel to Mars to see him. Hans might be able to push away everyone else, but Lanna has the stubborn streak of her brother, the Captain, and she won't give up so easily.