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Hollow (The Zero Saga Book 1)

by H. D. Carlton on 2018-08-27

The Zolarian colony is endangered. Parasitic bugs have infected thousands, turning them into cannibal fiends. The only cure is hidden under Area 51. Ronan, leader of the Zolarian army, is tasked with finding it. Earth is the last place he wants to be, but his orders are clear. Eradicate all humans. Make Earth the Zolarian's new home.

Zero Alvarado's life is anything but normal. Living beneath Area 51 isn’t as fun as it sounds. Until an alien invasion brings devastation to her hatchet door. Zero won’t go down without a fight.

After all, she’s been training for this moment her entire life.

Two lives cross, both fighting for survival. Both desperate to save their race from extinction. Zero won’t stop until she brings her enemies to their knees. But first she must keep herself from falling for Ronan.

Warning: This book is intended for mature audiences and contains strong language and graphic violence.