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Blind Justice (The Dragons of Rhaegos Book 4)

by H.D. March on 2018-03-18

Lilliana swears revenge for her uncles attempted murder which has left him with brain damage. However things don’t go as planned.

Crashing her car into her target discovers she’s killed the wrong man. Whilst the accident leaves her blind and scarred. Unwilling to let this deter her persuades a friend to design and install a chip. One that can describe and act as her sight.

Unfortunately she’s been given IMP, the bitch from hell. Lilliana tolerates the cruel taunts to keep her job at SOL. Yet she hasn’t given up catching the man that she’s sworn to kill.

Sweet Slayer (The Dragons of Rhaegos Book 3)

by H.D. March on 2017-09-15

Harlinne will forsake her life for revenge, but what will she sacrifice for the chance of love?

In search of the cyborg that killed her brother Harlinne makes a horrific discovery whilst working for the Order of Slayers. Landing on the planet of Lyra after stealing the shuttle she finds her companion hard to lose. Korchek the sexy dragon shifter is an overprotective pot of testosterone who claims she is his mate. Determined to chase down the cyborg Harlinne finds he's involved in a vile trade that goes on deep beneath the mountain of Vass Rise. However Korchek won't take no for an answer and soon she is writhing beneath his hard body. What Harlinne doesn't know is if there is a future for them. Killing the cyborg could mean her own death, yet she can't see any other way. Her oath for vengeance is something she won't deny.