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Life After Chocolate: The Full Novel (Yellowstone)

by H.O. Knight on 2017-09-19

**Formerly published as Parts one, Two, and Three of the Yellowstone Series**

Until that day, I’d never heard of a super-volcano…

I didn’t know how good I had it. All I had to worry about was college in the fall and avoiding Connor Falk, the guy I stupidly bared my soul to. Then the Yellowstone volcano blew. Now half the country is buried under a thick layer of ash, the temperature is falling, and crops are failing worldwide.

We hide at my grandfather’s farm. I used to scoff at his doomsday fears, but it’s his stores that keep us alive, his guns that keep us safe. But for how long?

My name is Emmaline Dohring, and this is my story.