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Arriving Soon


Professor Drake (Fire Bound Protectors Book 2)

by Haley Weir on 2018-08-30

When Claire LaFaevre walks into her history class, she doesn’t know that meeting Professor Drake will go down in history as an event that will change her life forever.

At first, Claire resists the advances of Drake. But she soon finds she’s incapable of resisting the security she discovers in his arms.

Drakkain, Dragon Lord, is honor-bound to keep Claire safe. Drake finds Claire’s resistance to his advances enticing, but potentially dangerous. Outside forces threaten to disrupt his seduction of the fiery-tempered TA.

Drake fights for his home when evil threatens it, and is responsible for fanning the flames of desire and the blazing inferno of war across Hudson Valley’s night skies.

Drake and Claire find passion with each other, but will the heat of their desire fuse their souls as one, or will it scorch away the few dragons whose species are in threat of extinction?

Thrilling, Fun, and HOT Standalone romance with a HEA. Contains mature themes, adult language, and sexy shifters. 18+ Readers Only!.

Bolt Castle Bear (North Peak Shifters Book 4)

by Haley Weir on 2018-06-28

When a haunted past & menacing future stand in the way of true love, can Xander bear his secrets and protect those to depend on him?

When Jenna arrives in Blue Ridge, she hopes to find a family of shifters to become a part of. Her parents were killed in a tragic accident when she was just a little girl, and her grandmother who raised her just recently passed. Now, she’s more on her own than eve as she tries navigate the world as a shifter.

Strong, sexy, and protective Xander has always been an integral part of the Collins family, guiding the brothers on their journeys to control their bears. Meeting Jenna changes his life in ways he didn’t think possible, but he has secrets that could threaten their budding romance.

Grave danger is approaching and Xander must formulate a plan to protect the Collins family and everyone in their lives.

Demons from the past threaten both Xander and Jenna and their uncertain fate takes them on a whirlwind adventure to Bolt Castle. Can they have their happily ever after while ensuring safety for themselves and their loved ones?

Steamy, Fun Standalone romance with a HEA. Contains mature themes, adult language, and sexy shifters. 18+ Readers Only!.