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Arriving Soon


Roark's Baby (Compatibles Book 3)

by Hannah Davenport on 2019-06-16

It was supposed to be a normal day, just two girlfriends going out to shop for baby clothes. Instead it became some wacko adventure, we’re being chased by some creepy guy named Ardak who just so happens to want to kill us.... And now I’ve gone into labor far away from medical and projected it to Roark…as if I don’t have enough to worry about, wondering what the first Human/Ulayian baby is going to look like and whether or not I can handle giving birth…

Will Roark get here in time? Can he manage the pain? Can I actually do this? Why does everything have to be so damn complicated?

A novelette in The Compatibles series.
Zorvak’s Rescue (Book 1)
Roark’s Bondmate (Book 2)
Bonus: at the end you will find a preview of my upcoming novel.