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Arriving Soon


Valor (Awakened Series Book 8)

by Harley Austin on 2019-04-16

Dr. River Elliot is running out of time—his future wife is lying in a coma, about to be pulled from life support. He’s doing everything he can behind the scenes to save her, but there’s only so much a new hospital resident can do. And there’s another problem—she’s never actually met him, he’s never met her, and no one knows who the sleeping Jane Doe really is.

There’s also something very unusual about her—something the new doctor is having a very hard time convincing others is happening. No one believes him. In a desperate attempt to save her life, River does the unthinkable. Has he really just thrown away his life and career just to save a woman he’s never met?

Fierce Survival (Fierce Professions Book 3)

by Harley Austin on 2019-04-15

Undaunted by his critics, legendary entrepreneur Peter Fierce unveils his latest creation—the Oasis—a behemoth cruise ship so massive it all but qualifies as it own island paradise.When the magnificent vessel lifts from the bay on its two-week maiden voyage around the moon, it doesn’t take long for him to realize that someone has made it their mission to see that the Oasis never returns.But there is something Fierce’s enemies have woefully underestimated; one thing they never in a million years would have considered might stand in their way. Something aboard the Oasis doesn’t want to die. Determined to destroy Fierce once and for all, they soon discover Peter is not the only one willing to engage in its own savage brand of—FIERCE SURVIVAL.

Paradisus (Awakened Book 6)

by Harley Austin on 2017-08-15


For Ethan, meeting Ty seemed like a dream come true. But the dream soon becomes a nightmare as their white-hot affair lands Ethan in the middle of a clandestine war with both haunted by the ghosts of Ty's mysterious past.

With a new global threat rising from the pages of an ancient prophecy, a handful of newbloods make a last-ditch effort to rescue their race from imminent extinction--Paradisus.

Trapped between their own need for survival and a world desperate for salvation, each must choose his own path, of whether to fight for the survival of world they love--or get left behind.

But Paradisus cannot wait ... The door is closing. Time is running out.

But do the Fates have other plans for the last spark of the Reborn?

Siren (Awakened Chronicles Book 1)

by Harley Austin on 2017-07-22

Tori Evenson has her whole life ahead of her. A fantastic new job; a condo on the beach; and a new guy she really wants to meet. When the hot new bikini number finally gets his attention, what follows is much more than she bargained for.
In the span of a few hours everything she knows about her idyllic life will suddenly come unraveled.
Nothing she's known over the past several months has been real.
She's being used. 

 Held prisoner by a notorious crew of Navy Seals turned bounty hunters, Tori finds herself ensnared by the team bent on capturing her new boyfriend. But it's not the bounty they're really after. And once they have what they want--dead goddesses tell no tales.
( This Awakened Chronicles story setting takes place between books II and III of the original series. )