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Arriving Soon


Taken By Her Alien Harem (Cinnamon Treats: Hot and Sweet)

by Harlow Baden on 2018-10-06

They crossed galaxies to find her, and they aren’t going home empty handed.

When the aliens landed they had one demand. Me. No one told me why, but the government begged me to do whatever I had to do to make them leave. I promised to send them away or die trying.

I'm definitely not dead yet. In fact, I've never felt more alive. I entered their ship, they closed the door, and now I'm trapped with three commanding men who believe I’m their wife.

I hadn’t expected them to be kind. Or attractive. Or utterly focused on pleasing me.

They say I have to surrender my body to save the human race... and I'm not sure that I mind.

** This is a steamy, stand alone, romantic science fiction short story with a happy ending. No cliffhanger. This is a “reverse harem” story. The heroine finds her happily ever after with all three men.**

Taken By Her Alien Harem is part of the Cinnamon Treats: Hot and Sweet series. These short reads and novellas are stand alone short, hot, sweet romance stories. Cinnamon Treats stories are bite-sized, sweet, and hot. The heroine is adored, valued, and respected by her true love.

** Kindle Unlimited users read for free. **