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Alien's Mate: A Sci Fi Alien Romance (Abducted Brides Book 1)

by Harper Star on 2018-04-17

Piper Denzel grew bored of earth a long time ago, but she quickly yearns to go back when she is abducted against her will by a powerful alien warrior. He says they’re a perfect genetic match. She’s been selected to carry his baby, whether she likes it or not.

Piper has been called a lot of things in her life: Feisty. Curvy. Smart-mouthed. But all of those pale in comparison when her alien captor, Vax, calls her the one thing she’s never heard before: Mate.

Vax Enzala is a pillar of muscle, testosterone, and uncontrollable rage. A powerful alien warrior sent by the Argonian mothership, Vax swoops in at the last minute to save Piper from the wreckage of earth when the evil Horkax invade her home planet. His mission is to get her as far away from trouble as possible and start again anew with Piper by his side.

He quickly learns that earth women aren’t so easy.

War spreads across the galaxy, and Vax and Piper are forced to put aside their differences as they try to fight back against the impending Horkax invasion. Vax is stubborn, arrogant, rude as hell and places his love for war above all else, but Piper can’t fight the undeniable attraction that seems to burn between them.

A million hostile aliens want earth and Argonia dead. Love seems impossible between feisty human females and headstrong Argonians. War has corrupted everything, and even the strong are vanquished.

Will Vax and Piper find the strength to surmount the odds and conquer darkness in the end?

Only time will tell.


Alien’s Mate is a HOT, action-packed standalone novel that is 58,000 words long. There are no cliffhangers and it is HEA (happily ever after), guaranteed!!!