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Arriving Soon


Her Strict Captor (A SciFi Alien Romance Novel)

by Heather Holden on 2018-12-22

Sirah is a young, fiery woman determined to stop the Tyrian invasion against her human army. Her head-strong mentality soon gets her into trouble, and she finds herself struck down… only to be saved by a hulking figure – the leader of the enemy army!

Ronan is an irresistible, strict muscular being. One who Sirah instantly feels herself attracted to, no matter how hard she tries to control her emotions. But soon thereafter, she is overwhelmed by passion and cravings – Ronan’s unique mannerisms and stern behaviors are entirely foreign to her, in a way she cannot repel. His virile, large manhood is also something she can barely handle…

Sirah must fight to protect her home, her people, and most of all… her heart!