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Sorrow's Flight: A scarab spin-off series (The Sorrow Series Book 2)

by Helen Allan on 2019-03-14

Thrust into a new planet so different from everything she has ever known, Sorrow must learn the history of this new world and fast.

As old enemies close in, and new foes reveal themselves, she is on a race against time to heal the wounds that run deep through the races of this world.

Using her body and her mind, she will do all she can to release the planet Avalona from the tyranny of the Gods, the beliefs of the past, and a disease that has the power to destroy those closest to her.

But will her desire for one man cloud her judgement and cause all her plans to fail?

Gods of Time: A Sorrow Series Novella

by Helen Allan on 2019-01-25

Always and forever the Gods had guarded the universe. Using their time travelling technology and vast intelligence they kept the peace.

They were benevolent and kind, unselfish and noble, trusted to ensure the planets and all their numerous species were protected.

Until one day they weren’t, and they didn’t.

Note to readers:

This novella is a companion book to the ‘Sorrow’ series and gives a deeper understanding of the background of the Aliens who Sorrow fights in the battles for the 12 planets.

The Sorrow series can be read as a stand-alone series, or as a spin-off from the Scarab series.

Sorrow's Sin: A scarab spin-off series (The Sorrow Series Book 1)

by helen allan on 2019-01-25

Twelve enslaved planets – one woman to free them all. 

Hunted and reeling from the destruction of one she loved, Sorrow must find refuge amid the human survivors of a planet in turmoil.

Taking shelter in the fortress her mother once built, Sorrow hides from the Sin who prey upon humans for their flesh and those Earthborn that seek her death.

Seeking to create peace between the species she resolves to take control of the time gates, to enable the enslaved humans to return to Earth and break the power of the Earthborn.

But a new enemy is coming, one none of them anticipated.

 Note to readers.

The Sorrow series is a spin-off series from the time travel romance series ‘Scarab’ although this new series can be read as a standalone, for a deeper understanding of Sorrow’s conception and past, check out the Scarab series.