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Arriving Soon


The Dino Sisters: A Snow Bunny Tale

by Helen Arlet on 2018-05-13

After their defeat at the hands of Sky Copeland, the Dino Sisters, Jane and Linda, have retreated to the new island resort owned by their third sister, Crystal. The resort is a dinosaur themed vacation spot for the rich and famous and should have been the perfect place for the two black market gene splicers turned dinosaur to hide out, repair their wounds, and make new connections. But something about Mesozoic Resort is not what it seems. Jane and Linda's sex fueled vacation is quickly turning into a nightmare as they uncover the darker underbelly of the resort and their older sister's sinister secrets. It's time for the villainous duo to turn antihero in this erotic suspense/adventure story.

Third installment in the Snow Bunny series.

It's Not Gay If It's A Catboy

by Helen Arlet on 2018-03-07

Sir Floyd and Sir Jangers were knights of the king traveling the long bridge across the ocean on their way back from the crusades when they encountered what they first believed to be a young woman from the cat folk. Although it soon became apparent that the young woman wasn't a woman at all. "She" was in fact a very pretty young man who would soon give the hesitant Sir Floyd a new perspective on his own desires and sexuality as he accompanied them on their trip.

Miss Nolly's Class

by Helen Arlet on 2017-11-30

Miss Nolly is a shark. To be more specific, shi is an aquatic humanoid genetically engineered for underwater construction. Although shi is one of the lucky ones who avoided life in the construction industry by serving for educational purposes. In other words, shi's a college professor. But what should have been a pampered life of teaching marine biology and grading papers isn't turning out to be all it's cracked up to be. Nolly has hir fair share of problems. Life as a hermaphrodite isn't always that easy. Then there are other problems on top of that, like students with a crush on hir, students with an unnatural desire to climb into hir mouth, bothersome coworkers who can't stay out of trouble, a defiant daughter, blackmailers, hir job being in danger, and to top it all off, shi seems to be slowly giving in to the predatory instincts of hir species. Miss Nolly is going to have hir hands full getting all of this sorted out. Or shi could just give in and see what happens...

Miss Nolly's Class is a 22,000+ word erotic story packed full of steamy action featuring a sexy shark college professor. Also vore.
All characters portrayed in sexual acts are clearly stated to be 18 years of age or older.
Cover art created by Mamabliss.