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Arriving Soon


His Northern Prisoner

by Helena Black on 2018-08-01

Set in a dark future where women are merely assignments to men, an accidental criminal ends up at the mercy of a rugged handsome lumberjack. Despite their circumstances, Jenny finds herself falling hard for Connor, a complicated and stoic man. Seduction, adventure, and love will change the course of their lives forever.

After environmental disaster ravaged the earth, new governments rose up to rule the land. The Sons of Adam, a dystopian and harsh patriarchal dictatorship, runs the west coast of North America. In order to ensure their rule and the continuation of the human race, women are reduced to mere objects assigned to men as their wives and property.

Jenny Andrews despite this, never saw herself getting assigned to a male guardian. She had worked hard under the State, to become an educated and independent Chemist. She has no idea she would eventually find herself imprisoned in jail, after committing an accidental crime. Jenny faces being assigned to an unknown man living on the fringes of the dystopian society of this dark future as the means of her rehabilitation.

She doesn’t know what to make of her new guardian Connor, but is put off by his rugged good looks and stoic disposition. Now stuck in Connors isolated mountain cabin, Jenny is terrified of the power Connor wields over her. What she doesn’t know is she longs for freedom to return to her past life as much as Connor longs for freedom for a new one.

Now stuck together by the government, they grapple with learning to love one another while navigating a steamy and damning power dynamic and longing to escape the State.