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Arriving Soon



by Helena Puumala on 2018-09-22

After Kati of Terra and her companions leave Kati’s friend and fellow abductee, Ingrid, on the planet Paradiso to search for the home of the Green Girls that she has returned from slavery on the planet Vultaire, Ingrid’s life gets complicated. As if life wasn’t confused enough, for a beautiful young woman who has been mistaken for a Spring Goddess, and who has the peculiar ability to keep these highly valued Green Girls alive while away from their home world, when nobody else can.

First of all, nobody seems to know where on Paradiso the Green Girls lived before being snatched away by the Slaver Gorsh. As the answer to that question is revealed, it also becomes clear that corruption and criminality must have entered the picture – certainly within the Star Federation bureaucracy, and possibly among the people of the Green Girls, themselves.
Ingrid must unravel these mysteries. Her efforts to do so eventually involve many colleagues, both local and from the Star Federation, including the Paradiso K-man with whom she falls in love, during their search for the truth about the Green Girls.

The mission first takes her to the unexplored southern hemisphere of Paradiso, and then, ultimately, to another far-flung planet, in her quest to keep the girls (and herself) safe from the slavers who would use and abuse them. She becomes bait in a perilous trap, and must rely on her own wits and survival skills, along with crucial help from an extraordinary wise woman, before a dangerous and unusual rescue mission can be attempted by her lover Tomas, along with Kati of Terra, and others devoted to their cause.

The novel is about 200,000 words, providing an excellent value. It takes place within the general story arc of the Kati of Terra series, but it is not necessary to have read the Kati books to enjoy this adventure/romance, as any necessary background is recounted within the book.