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Born Tomorrow: A Time Travel Romance (Agents of Time Book 1)

by Helene Gadot on 2019-01-31

Grab this new reverse harem adventure series now!

Tennyson Jones works for the Time Travel Agency as an historian. She toils away in her tiny office while Time Agents get to set off throughout the past and future, keeping history safe from those who would change it.

Her life is fulfilling, but boring as she monitors history for any changes until an agent goes missing and his team needs her help getting him back.

They'll have to travel through the past to find him, rubbing elbows with famous historical figures, dodging Nazis, and saving history.

*NOTE* This is a slower-burn reverse harem series, which means the leading lady doesn't have to choose between love interests in the end. Series rated M due to violence, language, and sexual situations.