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Arriving Soon



by Henriette M. Stuart on 2018-06-08

she lost her entire kinship to the barbarism of revolutionists and entrusted her fragile life onto the hands of a foreign stranger; such an unfortunate creature is said to have escaped from oblivion, folly and of course the blades of the guillotine. Alexandrina de' Emery; a young and ambitious genius sets out on unlocking one of nature's dearest secrets. "And then the energy would be concentrated onto a panel only a 200th of an inch across and a 200th of an inch in length ... it would shoot back into the heavens at a staggering 9.4 million Kilometres in a single minute. But, no one on earth is destined to have everything they desire, not even those gifted with fortune and wit like the young and innocent Lexi. The teenage girl will soon find out that love, wealth and happiness are not an easy bargain but a battle that will leave her shattered and devastated with only her poor little husky to lean on as she fights against this unforgiving world