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Arriving Soon


Triple Burn

by Holly Bargo on 2019-04-15

A lengthy and increasingly unnerving interview leads Ursula to employment as the event planner for a foreign embassy. Not until the government hustles her off to another planet does she realize just how foreign that embassy is. Given a manual on the native culture, which she has no time to read, and some advice from a few coworkers, she finds herself capturing the attention of a native warrior triad: Bran, Gil, and Crow. After the ambassador hands over one of her coworkers as collateral to seal a trade agreement, Ursula breaks out of the embassy to find a way back home before she, too, can be used as a bargaining chip.

As Ursula attempts to navigate unfamiliar streets, Bran, Gil, and Crow rescue her from dangers she neither understands nor sees. Elated to have obtained their collective heart's desire, they keep her. Disoriented, confused, and infuriated at the way these three overbearing, dominant—and very sexy—warriors take over her life, she still wants to go home. They want her to be happy, but they can't go back, only forward. That means compromise, for both her and the three warriors who claim her as their mate.

In a world desperate for females, can the triad convince Ursula to stay and be happy with them?