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Arriving Soon


Evolution: Awakening

by Hope Anika on 2019-03-02

When Ash Kyndal inherits her Uncle Charlie’s PI firm, her only interest is in finding an out. Circus veteran, social misfit, daughter of a madman—those are shoes that fit. Card-carrying member of polite society? Not so much.

But Charlie saved her once, and his staff of lost souls needs her. So in spite of her reluctance—and the mysterious, taciturn Russian who’s abruptly materialized on her doorstep, intent on repaying a debt to a dead man—Ash dives in.

After all, how hard can it be?

And then her client goes missing. And men in black show up. And a crazy, utopian conspiracy designed to alter the very fabric of humanity begins to unfold around her…

Suddenly, Ash finds herself on the front lines of an unexpected, vicious battle over the fate of the human race. Running isn’t an option; survival is debatable. And it’s the last place she wants to be.

But lives are on the line, and a side must be chosen.

Because war is coming.