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Arriving Soon


Close Encounters of The Absurd Kind

by Hunter Mortley on 2018-11-07

After the death of his wife, high powered financier Rab Miles decides to move with his young daughter to California. He takes the scenic route after a wrong turn in Salt Lake City and ends up stuck in a small town in Idaho that’s not even on a map called Town, car problems. While he waits for car parts ordered. The town is eerily close to a vision his wife had before she died of a bucolic issue she mentioned a place she wanted live with her family. The town is full of eccentric and odd folks who eschew big city life. Miles quickly finds himself in the middle of town’s gossip. While waiting to repair his car, new families suspiciously arrive just outside of Town following meteorite falls. One of the newcomers, Taria, a quickly grabs Rib’s attention; she’s brainy, gorgeous woman with pixie-like mischievous qualities. Between Miles was suddenly drafted to be mayor against his will. A murder mystery erupts. In the mix, unbelievably, Walmart is considering building a corporate office in the town. Most Town folks are convinced the new families that moved in the area are aliens (not that there’s anything wrong with that) In no time Miles falls in love; but does Taria have same feelings, and can he convince himself that he can love her when the truth of everything comes to light? Enjoy the absurd.