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Time To Change (Book #1 Trust Zaith)

by Huntter Noah on 2018-01-25

"Trust Zaith" has all the ingredients for an instant success plots, counterplots, mystery, and blossoming relationships replete with broken hearts, deception and betrayal.

Samian had predicted what the destruction of the Power of Z would mean to Zekes: "If it is destroyed, then it will fall, and its fall will be so low that no one can foresee its emergence again, because it will lose the best part of the force that was native to it. Its beginning, and everything that was done or started with that Power will collapse, and will be mutilated forever, becoming a mere spirit of Zero that gnaws in the shadows, but can not grow back or take shape. will eliminate a great evil of this world. " All will fall in the name of Samian he knew what this Power is he is the power and he rips himself from this power what has he become, Good, Evil, what is this power where did it come from, there a symbol Z From God to Zero,"We Are Zekes" A Planet Far From All. "They Are Known as Gods" Yet they are not they Just have Some Powers but not all have it.