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Mated On The Planet of Two-Headed Alphas: (Sci Fi, Fantasy, First Time, Short Story)

by I.C. Cox on 2018-05-30

These alphas have TWICE the staying power...

Gorgeous space traveler Kara doesn't have time for Earth men. She's too busy trying to prove herself as the math prodigy aboard her space ship crew to ever think about playing with boys.

When the ship docks on a foreign planet that's rumored to be inhabited by GIANT cavemen with a very special advantage over earth men, she learns a wild lesson. She was told not to venture too far from the ship, but now Kara is in trouble because soon she finds herself standing before the king of the tribe and it's mating season...

Seduced by the Alien: First Time Gay Fantasy Short Story

by I.C. Cox on 2018-01-20

I should have avoided him, but I couldn't resist the temptation...

I'm not really into guys. I'm your typical alpha male type, who always has to be the manly man. I guess that goes with living out in the country. But I guess I've had a few moments of "curiosity" here and there. I never thought much of this, until I was driving home from the bar one evening, and passed a drop-dead handsome stranger on the side of the road.

I should have kept driving, but there was something in his mysterious eyes that overtook me. Next thing I know, I'm in for the wildest, most out-of-this-world night of my life...

This is a humerous mysterious MM romance short featuring a straight alpha and an alien stud.

Pleased by a Robot: First Time Fantasy Short Story

by I.C. Cox on 2017-12-27

After her boyfriend dumps her because she won't give up her v-card, innocent and inexperienced v*rgin Ashley confides in her best friend, a spoiled rich girl named Alyssa. When Alyssa hears of Ashley's problem, she decides that it's time to let Ashley in on a seriously juicy secret.

The rich girl has been hiding a super advanced man-like alpha robot in her closet. The robot is specifically designed to fulfill any woman's most wild and f*rbidden dreams and now Alyssa decides that it's time her best friend's fantasies comes true. There's only one catch: don't touch the 'impregnate' button...