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Tordan 2.0: Episode 2: Cyborg Warriors (A SciFi Fantasy Romance)

by Immortal Angel on 2017-10-10

The Ardaks, terrifying creatures that stand seven feet tall and use laser ray technology, are sweeping across the galaxy, killing every humanoid race their wake. But in this time of destruction, there are heroes and heroines who are willing to stand up, to risk torture and worse, to save the lives of their people…

Tordan is deep in the center of the mountain, halfway to freedom, with only the hazy cloud that was his memory to guide him. But no matter the risk, he must protect the faery woman who compelled him to risk it all. Because without her, he has nothing.

Aielle has no choice but to follow the mysterious Cyborg who saved her life. As he shows more kindness toward her, she begins to wonder: Should she remain wary of the chip in his neck? Or should she give comfort to the man she knows is within?

***Tordan 2.0 is episode two of a sexy, action-packed, five-part serial series. If you don’t like serials, faery princesses in distress, hot Cyborgs, scorching love scenes, or scifi fantasy stories, this series is not for you!***