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Arriving Soon


The Taming: Book 3 in the Tribe Warrior Series

by Imogen Keeper on 2018-03-04

She's a proper lady.

Pampered and prim, Klymeni finds herself trapped on a spaceship with a man she refuses to marry. Desperate to escape, she releases a dangerous prisoner. In exchange he takes her with him.
Little does she know, he has plans of his own.

He's a hardened warrior.

For Torum TaKarian, life is simple, kill or be killed. Freedom means taking whatever he wants... until he unexpectedly becomes the ruler of a kingdom on the brink of collapse. The key to his people’s future is the stubborn prissy woman who rescued him.

The line between captive and captor blurs.

When he takes her prisoner and names her his wife, she swears to hate him forever, but her own traitorous body has other ideas. It’s a battle of wills, and only one can win.

This book contains explicit sexual content.