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Kill Switch

by Isabel Scott on 2018-03-20

Life on the Holdfast ranch is predictable. Chores and cows, boredom and dirt.
It’s the perfect place to hide out after my last con went bad…right up until it isn’t. My partner in crime goes missing, a mutated corpse appears in the badlands adjoining the ranch, and I accidentally broadcast my location to the ruthless ex-boyfriend who’s been hunting me for almost a year.
And then the genetically-modified monsters show up.
To stay alive, I’ll have to break the rules (no worries), kick some ass (exercise is good for you), gamble with my life (wait…), and probably steal a spaceship.
If I can pull it off, everyone wins. If I can’t…everyone wins.
Except me.
I’ll just be dead.

Kill Switch is a sci-fi adventure with a dash of romance, a side of moral flexibility, and a whole lot of running.

(An earlier version of this story was previously published under a different pen name)