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Arriving Soon


Black Bear's Due (Northbane Shifters Book 2)

by Isabella Hunt on 2018-10-23

Laia Llary has been looking for her cousin Tristan for months. But when she gets to Winfyre, does she find him? No. She only finds trouble. A brawl, a black eye and a bear shifter. Exactly in that order.

Garrett “Rett” Deacon knows he should throw Laia out on her ass, but he owes her cousin. With no alternative, he claims her as punishment. At least now he can both train and keep an eye on her. Although it’s hard to say who hates it more.

With their hearts and instincts getting tangled, Laia knows she owes Rett the truth. What really brought her to Winfyre and why she might have to leave, for both their sakes. Only Rett is not a man to let a claim go so easily. Nor the infuriating woman might be his mate – no matter what kind of trouble she brought to his doorstep.