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Arriving Soon


Discovering Starlight: Book 1 in The Starlight Trilogy

by Isadora Brown on 2018-01-22

Just because something is lost doesn’t mean it wants to be found…

Elise is a princess in disguise. Raya is a princess in hiding.

With a War still going strong after fifteen years in the Aralyn Galaxy, Elise is still hiding out among the people. Her people. She is set to inherit the throne of starlight due to her older sister’s death.

It’s the last thing Elise wants.

But rumors start cropping up – the long lost princess isn’t dead. She’s just hiding. She might not know who she’s supposed to be.

Elise hasn’t seen her older sister since the day her parents sent them away separately, as a way to protect them from this War. She is determined to find her, regardless of the risk, regardless of the cost.

Inheriting Starlight: Book 2 in The Starlight Trilogy

by Isadora Brown on 2017-12-17

Love finds those who are lost

Some decisions aren't made, they're forced.

Temptations can't be denied any longer.

Fate never goes to plan.

When Raya finds out who she is, Nina forces her to leave, in order to protect her. But this means leaving Beryyn - and Isaac, something she does not want to do.

Elise, on the other hand, has no qualms about breaking rules, especially when it comes to Reed. Until he gets a comm, saying their position has been compromised and they're forced to leave Teryyn.

Two sisters, still lost, but not alone. Not any longer.

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