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Arriving Soon


All That She Knew (A Romance at the End of the World Book 1)

by Ivy Troi on 2017-07-03

Georgia and her fellow survivors live in a fortress tucked away from all the horrors of the world. Outside there is only sickness and madness but inside sometimes feels worse for the only counselor in Fort Zero. In the simplest terms, Georgia is bored with the apocalypse. The monotony of survival is starting to dull her senses and make her feel trapped. Just before she reaches her tipping point, a mysterious survivor shows up from another fort. His name is Dane and he’s cocky and abrasive, two things the fort doesn’t need in the middle of a quickly developing crisis. Yet, Georgia can’t help it. The confusing survivor gets under her skin and leaves her with countless questions: What is he hiding? Why does he feel so dangerous? What is the familiar smell that follows him around? And most importantly, why is he always on her mind?