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Arriving Soon


Through The Triangle

by J Allison on 2017-10-31

What if everything you did, every decision you made, echoed in the opposite direction on a parallel world?

When young doctor Abbie Peters vacations on the island of Bermuda following the loss of her husband she never expected her life to further implode.

Waking on a beach confronted by three armed men, in a world where humans are near extinct, Abbie is taken to a small village on the edge of a forest where the existence of electricity, vehicles and television are nothing more than historical stories.

Marooned, alone and ignorant of the dangers this new world poses, Abbie’s safety relies solely on Adam, the enigmatic and reluctant sheriff, together they realize the unbelievable truth of what has happened, a truth they hide from everyone.

As the village welcomes her and draws her into their way of life Abbie’s guilt at her desire to return to her own time grows, until an unexpected admission forces her decision to flee.

In this parallel world, filled with danger and violence, the revelation that this time and her own are tied more closely than she could ever have imagined drives Abbie to make one of the most dangerous and difficult decisions of her life.

The First in J Allison’s ‘Through the Triangle Saga’, this epic novel of loss, adventure and love interweaves the life of an unsuspecting time traveler with a post-apocalyptic world sheriff.