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The First Taste (A Biohazard Girlz Novel Book 1)

by J. A. Weeks on 2017-10-18

My name is Cleo McHenny and I’m your average city girl trying to make it through the common woes of teenage life. That is if you consider a cyber punk influenced post apocalyptic bailiwick ravaged by a species of aliens called the Sparstra a common city. Or if you consider raising my three younger siblings in the dankest part of that city while my abusive mother is passed out drunk on our couch a common teenage life. Did I mention drug abuse?

I thought my life was messed up enough as it is. Until a handsome devil from my past creeps up and deals me a devastating blow from behind—bad drugs. And by bad drugs I mean a hazardous toxin. Now I have to keep my siblings safe, fight to survive the effects of this toxin, and keep my strong uncharacteristic attraction to my only best friend in check… all under the careful watch of a man who is apart of the species that destroyed my bailiwick three years ago.

Yeah… just your common teenage life.