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Fractured Fairy Tales of the Twilight Zone

by J. Cafesin on 2018-08-24

Fractured Fairy Tales Meets The Twilight Zone in this short story collection of four uniquely captivating, edgy, fantastical character-driven tales, each sprinkled with a touch of magic, and a powerful message that lingers long after the reads…

1. Ferrari Testarossa is his ‘lamp.’ Finnegus Boggs has been a Somalian warrior, an Egyptian scribe, a Cambridge professor. In 2015 he’s a doctor, and never in his over 5,000 yrs had he been carjacked. But Billy needs help to save his best bud, Tyron. Only a Marid Djinn has the choice to grant a wish. Will these two high school punks be awarded a chance to set things right and alter the course of their lives?

2. Hawk wanted the rabbit to present to a mate. Megan wanted her husband Mitch to wait, and talk to her instead of going to work. Neither got what they wanted, but both Hawk and Megan learned a valuable life lesson in Bird’s Eye View.

3. Michael still loves the family’s annual summer camping trip. His teen sister, Amy, doesn't. It’s likely going to be their last year among the ancient redwoods, the majestic elks, and the seemingly glowing round rocks Michael discovers along the bank of the roaring river. The Activation is a cautionary [campfire] tale for bickering children, and the parents who fail to silence them.

4. Faith is a fashion designer in love with her husband, Billy Rogue. Billy is a famous punk rocker, in love with himself. Sylvester McCain is with the Morality Police, and has traveled a sliver of light to reset Faith’s path in life in The Morality Police.