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Arriving Soon


Immersion (A Fallen Earth Novel Book 2)

by J. J. Lore on 2018-11-29

I’m barely surviving the world’s toughest hands-on training course, but at least my three instructors are kind. And increasingly attractive. We’re still in the same devastated city with voracious aliens waiting at every turn, but instead of checking houses, we’re now clearing entire factory buildings, and I’ve forgotten what it’s like to relax.
Everywhere I turn is danger, or one of the men sworn to protect me. They’ve become so important to me, I fear for their safety as much as my own, especially when the creatures we’re here to kill keep evolving, making everything we thought we knew obsolete. One thing I do know is that my extracurricular desires will put a strain on the bond we share if I act on them.
When we join other extermination units, my special skills provoke unwanted attention, and instill a suspicion that maybe I’m not as safe with my men as I’d hoped. It’s a difficult lesson to learn that some of my fellow fighters might be just as treacherous as the creatures we’re ordered to kill.

Conscript (A Fallen Earth Story Book 1)

by J. J. Lore on 2018-04-27

I’ve never been so afraid and confused in my life. They’re telling me I’ve been dragged back in time, to a different time, and I have to fight aliens. In Iowa. I’m not sure who’s more delusional, these doctors and nurses spouting off about how little time is left, or me, for listening to them.
And these men who have me now, they’re soldiers, scary-efficient troops who claim I’m who they’ve been waiting for. They’re always with me, taking care of me, talking to me, all while we make our way through a dangerous and infested city. I’m somehow supposed to detect these killer creatures nesting underground. Aliens who apparently exist only to eat people and make more aliens. Find them—sniff them out!—so these men can kill them with machine guns and grenades, just like people are trying to do all over this decimated world.
As out of my depth as I am, I do know one thing. I need these men as much as they need me.