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Snow White and the Seven Dwarf Planets: A Space Age Fairy Tale (Star-Crossed Tales)

by J. M. Page on 2017-07-19

She's lost everything, but now she's come to take it back...

Years ago, the Queen took everything from Snow White: her family, her home, and the throne that is rightfully hers. But the last straw came when the Queen killed the only person left in Snow’s life — the caretaker that helped her escape the palace as a young girl. Now, Snow wants more than revenge, she wants to take back what is hers.

Hunter’s life has been ruined by the Queen, too. Forced to do her dirty work or meet his untimely end, Hunter’s been sent to capture the rebellious Princess and bring her to the Queen on charges of treason — a crime punishable by public execution.

The task is harder than it seems. The Princess offers hope of a better future, one where Hunter wouldn’t have to fear for his life every day, but it’s clear that she can’t do this alone. Even clearer that she’s determined to try.

Together, they must journey through the galaxy, following the breadcrumbs left by Snow’s father to find the means to bring down the Queen for good. Snow knows she shouldn’t trust anyone — especially not the handsome man who mysteriously attached himself to her cause — but Hunter soothes her constant self-doubt and makes her believe she has a shot.

But whose side is he really on? The ruthless Queen with his life in her hands, or the stubborn inexperienced Princess without a plan?

Regardless, Snow knows if she wants to end the Queen’s reign of terror she’ll have to become the ruler her people need, with or without Hunter’s help.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarf Planets is over 60,000 words of sweet, clean romance, with NO explicit sexual or violent content, suitable for adult and YA audiences. NOTE: There is NO extra book in this file. The page count you see is completely Snow White ;) Enjoy!