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A Spark Of Magic Revamped: Chosen Saga Book One

by J.L. Clayton on 2017-06-30

Revamped, and better than ever with point of views from some of the other characters.  
New city, a new school, new everything. 
Charlize would rather do anything but move again. She’s been in six schools, three different states, and they never stay long enough for her to have any real friends. Even if she did, she’d be gone in a couple of months.  
Her parents promise her this time will be different.  
Charlize feels as if she’s been here before. In a matter of days, she’s making friends, feeling at home in this new town, and has mutual feelings for two hot guys. She hasn't been this happy in a very long time.  
But there’s one little problem… 
She is haunted by bizarre dreams, and a seductive voice invading her mind while asleep and awake. There’s something amiss. It’s more than her parents lies, teenage drama, and her looming sixteenth birthday. Something dark is coming for her, and he won’t stop until she’s in his hands.  
Can Charlize discover the truth in time or will it be too late? 
One thing is for sure, this will end up changing everything she believed was real.