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Arriving Soon



by J.M. Hindman on 2019-04-05

In Heirlon, time is the master and production is the sole standard. However, those who live there were long ago gifted remarkable powers which have become lost--or taken--in the unending pursuit of more.
Ohlive Sentt exists in time and out of time. Her day is driven by the tick of the clock but her nights are an unexplainable journey to the source of those very powers that have been lost.
Neel Voycen has lived two lives in the Heirlon grind; those two lives collide and reality resets when he sees Ohlive.
Together, they threaten all that Heirlon has become. As they seek to save each other from a persistently devious enemy, ultimate sacrifice is at hand.
Can the true power within be found?
And can one be enough to save all?