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Variant Evasion: Trilogy (Variant Trilogy Book 2)

by J.Q. Baldwin on 2018-06-30

Are biological imperatives surmountable?
Delilah hinges on that very possibility.

Suffocating under the integration of others, Delilah must separate to survive. But how does one recognise free will when it's so interwoven? What is free will when moulded by the premeditated machinations of others?

Delilah may have to put aside her own survival to search for the Variant detaining Kuroyuri. Tug at her strengths lest her weaknesses unravel her progress and steal her back to Carne's sordid warmth.

Mature themes. Not recommended for persons under the age of 18 years old.


by J.Q. Baldwin on 2018-05-31

Super Hero? Hardly. Humanitarian? No.
A third generation Variant with a few quirks to overcome, Delilah simply wants to vanish among the throng of a decrepit civilization but will the tether to the world she left behind drag her slowly, inevitably back in with a deceiving promise?

An embroiling thriller/ futuristic Sci-fi /romance dominated by instincts, tangled relationships and a thirst for independence.

Mature themes, not recommended for persons under the age of 18 years old.