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Arriving Soon


The Other Mommy

by J.S. Garner on 2019-01-20

A thought-provoking short-story on the goals one places on life.

Neil's life turns to chaos when his wife disappears the moment a woman who looks just like her arrives. Neil and the other 'mommy,' stranded in a world that is not her own, are forced to cooperate and adapt to rebuild their lives together under difficult circumstances.

The Cleopatra

by J.S. Garner on 2018-10-21

A romantic space adventure for the cosmos. In the 27th century, overcrowding has forced mankind to spread to the farthest reaches of the galaxy in search of habitable planets. Joseph Hrung, a young engineer destined for Keplar 3050B, is destined to be one such settler until the passenger craft on which he is traveling suffers a severe disaster and a mysterious rescue leaving only himself and two other passengers, a German woman named Sophie and a young American girl named Millie, alive. They awake aboard a mysterious, artificially-intelligent spacecraft named 'The Cleopatra' on which they meet no other people save for the android assistant who seems to be actively working to cover up a deep mystery. The three strangers are forced to work together to unravel the mysteries of the disaster and the ship on which they ride. Romantic feelings between Joseph and Sophie begin to grow, but Joseph must take care to preserve his chastity in a time when men are expected to remain virginal to be considered worthy of marriage. Spiraling through the cosmos they must figure out if they have truly been rescued or if the so-called 'rescue' was more of an abduction.