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Xilon (Aliens of Renjer Book 3)

by J.S. Wilder on 2018-01-28

Ash Thibodeaux has spent her entire life in the shadow of the Dragon, feeling its hot breath drift across her soul in stories regaled by her aging Gram. The tales and fables that are woven in the dark could chill a heart… if Ash didn’t have a darker knowledge… and task. Demons wash through the land, possessing friends and strangers alike, and Ash is the only one that can see, or stop, them. Burdened with a voodoo infused sword and skills honed from a lifetime of training, the slight girl moonlights as an anonymous hunter, until a sudden storm gathers her being in a bolt of lightning and sends her careening far away to the world of Renjer, where Demons and Dragons dwell.

Suddenly surrounded by dozens of towering Devils, Ash has no choice but to fight, yet when the twisted creatures lay dead at her feet, she encounters the biggest shock of all… a Dragon.

Facing off with a puny human is not Xilon’s idea of a good day, but there is an aura about this girl that awakens something inside him, something he thought long since dead. When she falls to a ring of Demons, Xilon knows he will stop at nothing to find her… and keep her.

Taurian: Aliens of Renjer - Book 2

by J.S. Wilder on 2017-11-24

When the lighting caught him, Prince Taurian of Renjer braced for travel, gripped by the piercing claws of the Demon-like Tryn on his back. When he awoke, his prey was gone – as was his true form. Instead, Taurian stood as a man, weak, naked… and staring down the barrel of a shotgun.

With two ex’s under her belt, Dena hasn’t had the best of luck with men. In fact, most of them just seem like over grown toddlers with a mean, monstrous streak… except Dena knows what real monsters are. She knows now that some legends and myths are based in fact – and there is something very odd about the man trespassing on her property.

Two species brought together by chance and time, their meeting seemed fated, yet their truth will rock the Universe…and challenge everything they think they know.

Alien Dragon's Baby: Aliens of Renjer - Book 1

by J.S. Wilder on 2017-10-24

One night can change a life forever...

As a respected elementary school teacher, Isabella Givens is not the kind of woman to visit bars, drink all night or take a stranger home… until she meets him. Tall, handsome and full of trouble, Kohl is a bad decision waiting to happen. Suddenly, Isabelle is two shots and one dance away from changing her life.

Prince Kohl has returned to Earth injured and in need. He knows that somewhere on this planet there are crystals that can turn the tide of a war that has raged on his world for years... one that has stripped his once proud people of their place, their status and their home. When he learns that one of the precious crystals is hidden in a safe at a local bar, he intends to retrieve it. Meeting a beautiful distraction is NOT part of his plans, yet for some reason, Kohl can’t help himself…

Neither of them knows where their night of passion will lead, nor how soon their actions will threaten everything both of them hold dear.

Fate and love intertwine across the galaxy, bringing two lost souls together in this stand-alone novella and first book in ‘The Aliens of Renjer Series’.