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Great High Scientist

by JA Menter on 2018-06-18

The civilized world was a smoldering wasteland and its’ great cities radioactive heaps of rubble. An improbable chain of events triggered a cataclysmic nuclear war that, once started, couldn’t be stopped. Just when men thought science might produce the long-sought utopia, it betrayed them. The same science that promised to solve every human problem had also produced the power to destroy the world. Frail men had tragically proved unable to use wisely the power science had given them.
Then a miracle. Against all odds, civilization rose anew from the ruins. The promise of science was redeemed as amazing new inventions made possible the rebirth of civilization. Great cities of gleaming skyscrapers again rose heavenward. The crucible of the nuclear holocaust had forged a new kind of men. Men were freed from the old ways that made them stumble. The ancient dream of swords beaten into plowshares had come at last. All men now lived at peace in a perfect world.
Or was it? What was really going on behind the gleaming facades of concrete, steel, and glass? What were the real thoughts and feelings behind the eyes of those men and women with perfect faces? Selene, a beautiful young woman, and Jory, a teenage boy were two of those who lived in the wondrous city of Novastella. They discover that even in utopia sinister forces still lurk. The two are driven together by inexorable events into an unlikely friendship. Can they escape the fate that’s relentlessly bearing down on them with machine-like precision? Is there no hope or are the rumors true that there’s still a remnant of the old world where they can find refuge?