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Vampires Bleed Too: A Dark Bodyguard Romance (The Deviants Series)

by Jacey Ward on 2018-12-07

The first time I saw her photo in a magazine, I knew. I would have her.
Now someone is trying to kill her.
She's grace and beauty incarnate. A human supermodel.
So her demon and Valkyrie bosses hire me to protect her. Because, of course, vampires make the best bodyguards, right?
As soon as I meet her, face-to-face, I know. This is going to be the fight that threatens to take me down.
Did I mention ‘human’? Goddammit it.
That means no touching her, no kissing her, no scr#wing her either – no matter how hot the flames between us burn.
Because Deviants and humans Do. Not. Mix.
The rules are set in stone. The punishments are lifelong. And for an immortal, that means eternity.
So I’ll protect her with my life, guard her from the betrayals that keep flying her way, and pray to the gods that I don’t drag her down into my world.

He’s hot as sin, and stubborn enough to make me throw things – like caution. To the wind. Dammit, I know I shouldn’t.
I know he feels it too – I’ve never experienced attraction like this.
But I know he’s hiding something from me – so I’m not going to stop until I know what he’s holding back.
And when I tell him about my little secret, I hope he’s as excited as I am.