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Arriving Soon


The Deviant Nexus

by Jack Crosby on 2018-11-27

Ash Wilde is back, baby! He may have completed The Electric Mile but that doesn’t mean he’s done with it. Or that The Electric Mile's done with him. Ash reenters the now familiar video game world with his beautiful girlfriend, Ira. Together, they face new virtual challenges and obstacles that only the Tanaka Corporation could think of. They encounter old friends and new foes (some are one and the same), both in the real world as well as inside the game's master file. At the core of it all Ash longs to learn the truth about his father and his death. Unfortunately, the answers don’t reveal themselves easily.

Who can he trust, other than himself?

If you haven’t read The Electric Mile, check out the beginning of Ash’s adventure there. Then hang on, it’s one wild ride.