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ARTIFACTS OF FATE: Keeper Chronicles Book 2

by Jacob Hendon on 2017-10-19

Welcome back. I have to confess; this is the second half of "City In My Mind." I tried fitting it all into one book. However, the peeps at Createspace decided their page limit was 850ish. My book went a tad beyond that. I seriously considered removing the extra pages because this part of the story had a natural…flow to it, as one book. It still works as two. That said, this book starts from the last chapter of “City” and eventually, ends where ‘City In My Mind' began with Jake’s trip to Swynovia. Thus the last chapter of this book, ‘Full Circle.'
I STRONGLY suggest you read/reread “City in My Mind” to catch the subtle nuances in this book.
From here the saga moves forward in more unexpected ways,
I don't want to give up any spoilers at this juncture. However, Chance and Jake meet up with some interesting characters along the way to Devina.
Devina is torn between her family and her project and where it takes her and others. Her inner demons begin to catch up as she goes off-grid to further quench her desire to solve this Artifact riddle. Destiny pulls at her in unexpected ways. Fate is a fickle thing, but one that needs to be played out.
Zorec does the wrong things for the right reasons, at least in his and Creanus’ mind. More is revealed to Creanus as well as questions answered and new ones appear. This book has the underlying romance of "City". However "Artifacts" has a different, more interesting, fun beat to it.
The hunt for the Zenith artifact builds, as does the war. The Keepers prepare for the Epoch, as Eris manipulates Apolis into releasing the Vanguard.
Can Zorec realize his goals? Can Devina stop him let alone survive him? Should she?