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Arriving Soon


The Time Thief: A Change of Face

by Jacqueline Richardson on 2018-08-25

As Roselyn Wolff and Trent Morgan embark on their life together, they’re thrown a curveball when Roselyn finds Trent unconscious, in the midst of a “change.” Things become even more complicated when a terrifying woman named Megan enters the picture and sets her deadly sights on Trent, Roselyn, and their new companion, Jaeger. While Roselyn fights to survive the depraved games Megan is playing, she finds herself struggling to come to terms with the loss of the man she’d fallen in love with and wondering if she can love the new man he’s become.

The Time Thief

by Jacqueline Richardson on 2018-07-30

When a strange man shows up on Roselyn Wolff’s doorstep, introducing himself as Trent Morgan and asking odd questions, she is immediately suspicious that he’s been sent to harass her by her ex-husband. After a startling experience in the middle of the night involving disembodied voices and a dramatic loss of time, however, Roselyn has no choice but to begrudgingly accept the stranger’s assistance. As the mystery deepens, Roselyn realizes that her feelings for this enigmatic man are quickly becoming uncomfortably complicated. Where did he come from, and how does he know the things he knows? Who is he…really?