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Victory (Mine to Take 6)

by Jacquelyn Frank on 2018-06-01

Melena Ni Coro is in the midst of deception and war. Her master and lover Valerian wars against his brother, while closer to home one of the women of his harem plots against Melena and puts her life on the line by betraying Valerian. Discovering the viper in their own nest is paramount.

As for Valerian's war against Vicktor, it can only go well if it ends in Vicktor's death. It took a threat to his favorite's life to ignite Valerian's war against Vicktor. A war over a woman, but equally a war over ideals. The Jorku nation needs a fair leader.

For Valerian, honor and loyalty are paramount. When his woman does not do as he commands he takes it hard. But Melena teaches Valerian there are different kinds of loyalty...

Truce (Mine to Take 5)

by Jacquelyn Frank on 2018-05-04

Left with little choice but to make his enemies his friends, Valerian Jorku entrusts Melena with the task of brining her rebel brother to the bargaining table.

Melena belongs to Valerian, but their relationship goes deeper than being owned by him. She has come to depend on him. This man she once hated is now evoking emotions within her she finds hard to express for fear she will give him power over the last little part of her.

As for Valerian, the war against his tyrant brother for control over the throne heats up just as intensely as his passions with Melena do. There is a certain violence in each and Valerian struggles to remain dominant over all of it.

Melena (Mine to Take 4)

by Jacquelyn Frank on 2018-04-06

Valerian Jorku must decide how far he is willing to go to escape the reach of his violent brother. He will do whatever it takes to protect Melena. He hadn't planned to raise a rebellion, but Vicktor has left him with few other options -- there is no reasoning with a mad man.

Melena never planned to become Valerian's wiling submissive, but as she is brought further and further into Valerian's world of dominance, learns to enjoy his rough attentions. But trying to master the master is a dangerous game. One that could get them all killed and promises to ignite a war unlike anything the Jorku nation has seen before.

Valerian (Mine to Take 3)

by Jacquelyn Frank on 2018-03-02

Valerian Jorku is second born heir to a massive throne overseeing the largest country in many lands, a country that is ever growing, thanks to his power hungry brother Vicktor, the emperor. But Vicktor is a cruel master and Valerian grows increasingly restless as he experiences his brother's brutal nature and its effect on others.

Melena, a newly acquired slave girl he is conditioning to his pleasure, whispers nightly of his responsibilities to the people and how those responsibilities should outweigh his honorable intentions toward a brother who is clearly insane. Should he listen to this woman, sister to a rebel thorn in his side, or should he continue to honor his father's last wishes and be Vicktor's silent general, doing whatever he asks, no matter how wrong?

When Vicktor threatens her life and begins to turn Valerian's women against him, Melena seizes the opportunity to push Valerian further in the right direction. But Valerian is not a man to be mastered. He is the one in control and ultimately it is he who holds all of their fates and futures in his hands.

Conquest (Mine to Take 2)

by Jacquelyn Frank on 2018-02-02

As commander of his brother Vicktor's armies, Valerian has had to do many things he didn't agree with. People fear him, but his fairness and sane temperament place him far above Vicktor in their eyes. Vicktor's resentment of Valerian's popularity has caused an ever-growing rift between the brothers. Caught between their fraternal friction is a slave girl, Melena, who learns sometimes it is not so easy a thing to hold hatred in your heart. Her anger toward Valerian eases as his loving punishment and intense correction begin to break through her defensiveness. But this connection works both ways. Melena has come to see she has power of her own to wield. Is she woman enough to guide Valerian into betraying his brother for the well being of his country?

Warlord (Mine to Take 1)

by Jacquelyn Frank on 2018-01-05

Valerian is brother to the vicious warlord Vicktor, who destroys and dominates in every land he conquers and with every slave he captures. Valerian is made of a different stripe. While he is dominant, there is balance to his view of the world and how he treats others. This is readily apparent when his brother offers him a rare gift, a defiant slave of surpassing beauty and a spirit begging to be reigned in.

Melena Ni Coro despises her captor. She fears her brother has been killed by the man who now holds her leash, and she wants him to know she would rather die than be tamed by him. She is prepared to fight him every step of the way. Yet in spite of her hatred, Valerian begins to tear away at Melena's defiance and anger. He teaches her there is much more to life and passion than she might think. All he asks is that she remain true to herself and honest with him. Together they will learn there is more pleasure to be found in each other than either of them realizes.