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Guardian of the Shore (Tales From Ash Book 1)

by Jacquelyn Sleeman on 2019-03-07

Rumors of a non-human living on the shore of Sco’lan leads to a trip for investigator, Kay Hall. Reluctant to travel to this small borough of Uslia, Kay packs her bags and sets off to find this Guardian of the Shore. Kay has a few secrets of her own, hiding in plain sight, as her mother suggested.

Morogh has lived in the same place along the shoreline for centuries. The wish was made, his fate was set, his duty to keep the villages safe from attack by monsters of the deep. No hope left, just his duty, when a strange woman from the government shows up, he realizes he is doomed.

A light romantic fantasy, Guardian of the Shore takes place on a world called Ash. This story contains no graphic sex scenes, no foul language, and a HEA ending. Hope you like it.