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Arriving Soon


Jefrus and the Alien Genius (Star Cadets Book 3)

by Jade Astor on 2019-03-20

Jefrus Kelby is skeptical when his boyfriend, fellow Star Cadet Neval Camden, suggests that they team up to seduce the shy, virginal alien Zoran Azii. It’s not just a matter of lust—Zoran is the Academy’s best student in subspace physics, and Jefrus and Neval desperately need to pass their upcoming exam. Neval figures the best way is to trade certain favors for some high-octane tutoring.

Though he is willing to go along with the plan, Jefrus is shocked at Neval’s apparent willingness to share him with another man in exchange for better grades. Things get even more complicated when he finds out that Zoran is looking for something more meaningful than a simple barter arrangement. Jefrus has never envisioned himself leaving Neval for the arms of an alien genius…but maybe it’s time to expand his imagination.

Captain Gareth's Two Mates

by Jade Astor on 2018-09-29

As far as Captain Krys Gareth is concerned, life is perfect. He’s happily commanding a ship for 24th-century Earth’s Border Patrol, and his relationship with another man, the alien ambassador Brennar, is hotter than a supernova.
Then his ship is summoned to Anubis, a small planet facing an attack by space brigands. In exchange for his help, the ruler awards the captain his daughter’s hand in marriage. Gareth and Brennar both know that refusing could result in diplomatic chaos.

To Gareth’s surprise, marriage with the feisty Princess Izbal is better than he imagined. His new bride is even willing to accept a relationship with both men, and before long, the trio has bonded both physically and emotionally. One obstacle remains, though: duty soon calls Gareth back to his ship and Brennar to his home planet. Now the three mates must find a way to stay together without risking intergalactic peace.