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Embers in the Ice: Prequel

by Jade Lawson on 2018-04-07

Two powerful beings linked by a shared anomaly, and a mystical yet dangerous bond. The Last hope of humankind.

The Krasak created humanity; a failed experiment that will soon come to an end. Humans and Earth will be destroyed, and nothing can stop that imminent devastation, except … the embers in the ice.
Made from the ice of the Krasak and the fire of humans, Théoden is an abomination and a threat to his people. With only the clothes on his back and her name on his lips, he strikes out on his own to hunt down the kindred spirit linked to him through prophecy.
Nevaeh and Paige are two seemingly normal nine-year-old sisters. But their mother, Alice, has a dark secret. When schoolteacher Mrs Meyers realises Nevaeh has powers beyond human comprehension, that secret gets harder and harder to keep.
As Nevaeh’s abilities continue evolving, Théoden leaves behind a trail of the dead. Meanwhile, Caleb Smith, a boy whose life has been torn apart by tragedy, vows to exterminate his parents’ killer and the entire Krasak race, once and for all.

Don’t miss the captivating prequel to this thrilling sci-fi romance series.