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The Weregames - Complete Series: Paranormal Boxed Set

by Jade White on 2018-10-01

All THREE books from the bestselling “WEREGAMES” series together for the first time ever!

Bestselling author Jade White presents this unmissable opportunity to own the complete WEREGAMES series in one limited edition digitally boxed set. That is all the books from the series for one low price!

In a dystopian future , one where werebeings lived openly alongside humans, life was tense.

Humans and werebeings did not get along and handsome werebear Ryker Locklear found himself thrust into the middle of, what was known as, the “Weregames”.

If Ryker were to win he would also win his freedom. Lose and he would face the next 60 years in captivity.

It was survival of the fittest in its most brutal form.

But it was during the weregames that Ryker met the beautiful Alexia and very soon he realized that he was not just fighting to win for his freedom.

He was fighting to win her heart too...