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Javier's Apocalypse

by James Elmore on 2018-09-11

After worldwide apocalyptic social collapse, nineteen-year-old Javier Bautista develops perspective of his place in a wildly different society to the one in which he grew up. Javier has Asperger’s and gains deep insight into his relationships with others as those closest to him gradually unravel the maze of emotional baggage surrounding his complicated character. Javier’s family, newly defined to include bond as well as blood, begin to see in him glimpses of the humanity within themselves that they have lost as the struggle to survive has taken such a costly toll on their human conscience. Facing his greatest fears and coming to accept his newfound role among those who have chosen to congregate around him, Javier’s confidence increases as we see him journey across a desolate landscape into adulthood while confronting life and death moral dilemmas along the way, exploring romance, both gay and straight, and overcoming nearly insurmountable environmental and human obstacles.